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A few weeks ago I attended two wonderful fiber festivals – the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival and the Massachusetts Sheep & Woolcraft Fair.

The NH Sheep & Wool was my second festival of the year and I went thinking it was going to be a small festival and that I wasn’t really going to buy anything. Sure maybe I would buy some top for spinning if it was particularly beautiful, I told myself I was not ready for a fleece (as I mentioned in my last post fiber festival). Boy was I wrong! It wasn’t a large festival, but it was bigger than the first one I went to and I found myself there for a few more hours than expected. Needless to say I ended up going home with my very first fleece! I found a gorgeous gray alpaca fleece that I just couldn’t leave behind. It is 3 lbs 4oz of super soft alpaca that I can’t wait to spin.

Alpaca Fleece










At the NH festival there was one vendor in particular, The Elegant Ewe, had my attention for a while, they had a great selection of pattern books, yarn, spinning wheels, combs, carders, and had Hannah Fettig there signing her latest book! I am finding that at each festival there are one or two vendors that I really like to take my time at. Since the fiber festivals are on the smaller side I can really take my time and not be bustled about with the crowd. It is nice to not be rushed.


NH Sheep & Wool: Knitting Books











The Mass Festival was the smallest of the three festivals that I have been to this year, but just as fun. It was a little cold out so the sheep were huddled together, and it inspired some purchases of colorful top for spinning! I was also excited to find a selection of natural moth repellants. Now that I have a fleece and lots of fiber at home I want to make sure moths are not attracted to my stash. There are a few more fiber festivals in the Maine/Vermont area this summer, however, I am going to try to skip them and enjoy spinning and knitting what I have at home. Since I have already scheduled to go the Rhinebeck Sheep & Wool Festival in NY this fall. Rhinebeck is one of the largest festivals and I want to take my time there and be able to replenish my stash by then!

Mass Sheep & Wool



Mass Sheep & Wool: Top & Moth Repellent


Mass Sheep & Wool: Moth Repellent




Self-care, self-love, self-compassion all are an important part of my daily life. It is a lifestyle really. I am grateful daily for the skills I learned from being a student and teacher of yoga. I have created an online course that introduces you to Yoga + the Art of Self-Care. This is a topic dear to my heart because last year I was put to the test whether I could continue to offer my self compassion in the midst of chaos.  As some of you may know I am currently undergoing treatment for breast cancer. Last year when I was diagnosed it was so important for me to have these self-care tools.  I have been wanting to share these techniques for a while, and I am so excited to share this online course with you.

This online workshop is an exploration of yoga, breathing and meditation techniques to quiet the mind and rejuvenate the body. We will dive into self-care practices and how to cultivate them in your day to day life.

Self-care cultivated through yoga helps us to be our best selves. When we take time to nurture ourselves, we feel rejuvenated and better equipped to care for those important to us.

Caring for yourself is not a selfish act, but one that benefits those around you as well. What good are you to others if you are depleted?

Benefits of caring for yourself are plentiful. You feel better and approach the world in an open manner. Your creative energy flows; self-love and love towards others comes easily.

To start this class today click here.


Live light, because everything is already okay.



Fiber Festival

This year has been different for me in many ways, and I’m adjusting as I go. I’ve picked up a new hobby, spinning wool, and with this I have a desire to visit as many local fiber festivals as I can. For those of you who don’t know a fiber festival or sheep and wool festival is a day or weekend of activities and shopping to promote wool, yarn, and other natural fiber related items. There are generally sheep shearing, spinning wool competitions, and pounds and pounds of amazing raw wool.

Even though I have knit since I was 8 years old and my mom has attended a few sheep and wool festivals I had never been to one before a few weeks ago. I always thought I wasn’t enough of a knitter, and that it would be too intimidating. However, now that I am learning to spin wool I am in search of beautiful raw fibers to spin, and these festivals are great places to find them.

The first festival I attended was the Connecticut Sheep & Wool Festival. This was a good fiber fest for me to start with because it is relatively small and gave me a taste for what these things are all about. There were only a few building full of vendors.  It was very manageable and I saw the whole thing in a few minutes, but really took my time looking over the different fibers and watching the sheep shearing.

Sheep moments before it is sheared.

Fleece for purchase.














Since I plan on attending a few festivals this year I didn’t go to crazy buying up all the fibers I liked. Although, I was tempted to throw caution to the wind and just buy a 50lb fleece! A fleece is all of the wool sheared off of a sheep (or alpaca or angora rabbit). This is something I’ll work up to once I’ve had more time spinning under my belt. Once you buy the fleece you take it home and need to clean it (get all that vegetable matter out of the wool), and then comb it or card it to make it into something you can spin. It’s a bit of a process and requires some more tools that I haven’t bought yet. Maybe in a few months I’ll be ready. For now I’m buying roving and top – fiber that is cleaned and ready to spin.


Alpaca Roving

So let’s get down to what I did buy! I bought 9 oz of super soft alpaca roving from Alpaca Hill Farm. It is a beautiful dark brown with a little bit of grey. To go with this I got some very colorful locks of wool to spin with it. I also purchased 8 oz of merino roving in this gorgeous heathered green color. My hope is use this roving and locks for some core spinning. Core spinning on my lendrum wheel is so much fun! I use the jumbo flyer and basically it helps me to make super chunky yarn, which if you’ve seen my etsy shop you’ll know I like the chunky stuff.

So you can see I didn’t buy too much, but this weekend is the New Hampshire Sheep & Wool Festival so we’ll see what kind of goodies I find there!



Colorful Locks



More colorful locks






Merino Roving


Hello beautiful 

Here’s a little self-love practice to start your day.

Live Light Practice: 

Look in the mirror and say “hello beautiful”. No back talk, no comments.  Just smile and start your day with appreciation.