Watch your thoughts










It all begins with a single thought. One small thought shapes how we see our world.

I recently began a juice detox and have been experiencing fatigue, nauseous, and negative thoughts. It was not my best week, and part of it was because I was letting the negative thoughts take over.

Today is the last day and I’m finally out of the woods, I’m feeling healthy and my mind is clearer. This shift came from my decision to watch my thoughts.

You have the ability to create your world. How do you want your life to be?

Live Light Practice:

For three days keep the quote, “watch your thoughts:…”, with you and repeat it to yourself when you find your mind wandering.

After the three days what mental shift do you notice?



Now is the Time
















With a new puppy at home I am reminded of the joy and curiosity that pets show us. In the picture above you see, Cosmo, our 9 week old Shiba who shows me that there is only right now. It is a pleasure to be reminded to look at life with open eyes and lots of love. In each moment there is only what is happening right now.

Live Light Practice:

Start and end your day in the moment by focusing on your inhales and exhales for 2 minutes. Set and alarm and let your mind and body be in the now.


New Live Light Thought Pattern

I am present in this moment and I flow easily with life.


What is Yoga + Yarn?

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