Ajna Chakra









The Ajna Chakra is our command center and often referred to as the third eye chakra. This chakra relates to our ability to see clearly. Where our eyes go our attention follows. We are constantly bombarded by ads, noises, people, cars, buses, and everything within your periphery. We might not even realize that our attention is being dragged in many directions, but generally unless we are making a conscious effort to be one pointedly focused then we are probably letting our eyes wander.

If we have our eyes darting in many directions our attention is split and unable to focus. When I am writing this blog post, or generally when I work on my laptop I have 6 programs running at the same time – people trying to chat with me, and every little while checking my email. So in order to stay focused it is important to be aware of what task you are working on, and what other things are not necessary to be in your visual arena…..continue reading the rest of this post at AshleyTurner.org.



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Purification through communication









How well we communicate to the world and to ourselves is how we show our own self-expression, and creativity. Our throat is the center of our communication and this is where we take in sustenance and express ourselves. When the throat is closed off we have no way to reveal our feelings or our creativity. Ultimately we can end up with hearing problems, thyroid imbalance, sore throat, TMJ and become shy, mousy, emotional, and disempowered.

Communication involves not only what we say but what we fail to say. By failing to say what you really feel, you bottle up emotions and can limit yourself. Also, what sustenance we put into our bodies determines how much nourishment we are offering ourselves. Not saying what needs to be said and stuffing yourself with coca cola, potato chips, twizzlers or whatever junk foods you enjoy can lead to temporary comfort, but long lasting disempowerment and emotional instability….continue reading at Ashley Turner’s site.


Love is all you need







Love is something we are all searching for. Something we try to understand and we try to take control of. To feel true unconditional love for yourself and others creates lightness, simplicity, and softness. The process of understanding our relationship to love begins with ourselves. ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’ – Oscar Wilde.

The heart is the center of love, and often we spend our lives protecting our heart so much that we hold ourselves back from ever truly feeling love. Until we learn to open our hearts and love ourselves it can be difficult to give and receive love.

Love is not oriented only towards specific objects, but feeling love towards everything we encounter – it is a state of being that is felt within us. We do not need anything from this love but to feel it, receive it, and give it.

When looking at the body at levels of consciousness, love is located at the heart where we begin to find self-love. The fourth chakra or anahata (unstruck) chakra is located at the heart and lungs. A closed off heart and lungs can result in asthma, lung disease, shortness of breath, sunken chest, and high blood pressure. It is through opening and understanding this chakra that we are able to connect our body and mind, to love ourselves, and deepen our relationships.

The hearth is the integrator of the mind and the body and the prana (energy flow within the body) is also the link between the two. The awareness and attention ….. read more on Ashley Turner’s site.





Manipura: The Power Center









In yoga we often talk about the ‘power center’,  the core of our physical, mental, and energetic bodies. This internal strength or will is what gives us the self-confidence to live to our fullest potential. At times we can let our internal fire dwindle and we need to find a way to ignite our inner power in order to create a strong self identity, and a sustainable internal fire that will continue to burn even on the darkest of days.

This power center correlates with our ego, and the third chakra – Manipura. The manipura chakra can manifest in excess as overly aggressive, dominating, and controlling or deficiencies in the third chakra shows up as low energy, weak will, easily manipulated, and low self-esteem. Once we identify the excesses, deficiencies, or balances we can decide if we want to continue with our self-perpetuating tendencies or take action to create positive change in our lives. The purpose of focusing on the manipura chakra is to overcome inertia and help create transformation.

Tapas in sanskrit translates to ‘heat’ or ‘to burn’, and it is a term in yoga which describes the process of inner cleansing. Cleansing of not only the physical but mental impurities that no longer serve us. Tapas is a process of purification. The storing of excess fat, negative or obsessive thoughts, etc are burned away during a practice that focuses on twists and core. This is recommended as a daily practice as we daily need to burn away the impurities that we have piled on over the years.

The purification is not only of what you put into your body, but what you see, what you read, the people you surround yourself with. You can control what you eat, read, and most of what you see. When you begin to eliminate things that deplete you, you create space for those that you love, things that ignite you, your inner strength, and strong self-confidence….Find the remainder of Liza Laird’s blog post on Ashley Turner’s site.


Want to learn more about the chakras? Join Ashley Turner this summer at Kriplau for the Chakra Detox Immersion: A Complete Physical, Mental + Emotional Detox, July 1-6, 2012. A one-of-a-kind multi-media immersion to demystify the chakras.