Spring Detox – Day 4

When I woke up to begin day four of the Spring Detox I found myself feeling nauseous and weak. Not the best way to start a day. However, rather than fight it I let myself rest in bed a little bit longer – that is the good thing about setting the alarm for much earlier than you need to wake-up, then you have time to go back to bed if you need to! (I only do this when I’m detoxing) Once I had a little bit more time in bed and drank a juice and lots of water I was feeling all better and ready to take on the day! Sometimes a little patience and rest is the cure.

The juices were as delicious as yesterday – pear, young love, lemonade, green lemonade, and lemon lime smoothie. The lemon lime smoothie was a nice treat, much heavier than the other juices and a great way to end the day. It is nice to drink something a little heartier to make up for the lack of solid food for 2 days.

Not surprisingly, I imagined I could do a lot more this week than I did (the picture above is of my messy files that I keep putting off and not organizing). So the spring cleaning of my apartment will continue through the weekend and into next week. There is no rush since it is still snowing outside! Of course it can be hard to not feel stressed when there is still a long list of things to do.

Rather than becoming stressed by not being able to get everything done an approach to stress free organizing is scheduling 30 minutes of your day and pick one section of your bedroom or office. Then tackle just that one area in those 30 minutes. Doing this a few times a week will feel like reorganizing and de-cluttering is a breeze rather than something hanging over your head.

Try it out and see how it goes!




Spring Detox – Day 3

The 3rd day of the detox and 1st day of the juice fast is winding down and I’m happy to say that I made it through hump day! Today involved some very tasty juices from Organic Avenue, a wonderful yoga class with Sarah Bell at Yoga Works Union Square, and of course walking around the city in this delightful hail/snow/rain storm.

The juices I drank today were Pear (tastes great and is full of fiber), Mellow Love (didn’t love it – felt it had a little bit of a dirt taste), Lemonade (one of my favorites), Young Love (Love it), and finally Green Mylk (the cinnamon in a nice addition to the green juice). The ingredients are so fresh and pure it is truly a treat to be drinking the OA juices. (I do not receive anything for raving about OA – I’m just obsessed with them!)

Now even though I loved my juices, I was feeling some hunger pains. This was probably due to my Italian language lesson today where in class our chapter was all about food! My favorite foods are pasta, pizza, bread, sauces, and all things Italian. So the rest of my day has been salivating over all of the carbs I can’t wait to eat when this is done!

I recall from cleanses that I have done in the past that I get to a point where I am fantasizing about all of the food I can’t wait to eat when it is over. When I recall that I have been down this path before I know that I can make it through and if I stay present with what is happening to my body now I am less likely later to binge when the detox ends.

The desire to binge after a detox can be reduced by incorporating mental cleansing into the detox as well. You aren’t just cleansing your physical body, but your mental body. As you remove toxins from the body you also work on removing fears, worries, stress, and anxiety. By releasing these mental patterns and bodily toxins you move closer to peace of mind and happiness.

Here is a simple ‘mind detox’ practice to try out:

5 min meditation (set a timer before you sit)

Take a comfortable seat on the floor or in a chair. Have a tall spine and close your eye or keep a quiet gaze a few inches in front of you. Take a few deep breaths in and out your nose. Keep steady inhales and exhales through your nose as you begin to repeat the mantra om mani padme hum (hail to the jewel within the lotus) to yourself. Repeat for 5 min. Once the timer goes off take a moment to reflect on how you feel now versus the beginning of the meditation.

Try this meditation out anytime you feel you need to slow your mind down, come to a centered place, and find calm within yourself.




Spring Detox – Day 2

On my second day of the detox I enjoyed a home yoga practice and a few long walks. The cold weather outside has been making it hard for me to get warm, but lots of layers help to create heat while I am walking. It is important during a detox to sweat and release some of the toxins out through your pores to facilitate the purification process.

Lunch today was a tasty lentil soup with barley. Lentils are high in protein and barely is a good source of fiber. In order to eat smaller portions, about the size of my two palms, at each meal I have been putting my food into coffee mugs rather than soup bowls. I have found that this portion fills me up and I am more aware of how much food I take in. (see picture of the lentil soup and barley above)

As day 2 of the detox comes to an end I find I have lingering sensations of a headache and excitement for the 2 day juice fast that starts tomorrow. The headache comes from caffeine withdrawal, and I know it will pass soon. My excitement comes from the tasty array of juices I purchased from Organic Avenue. The pure and organic ingredients are so fresh they are my favorite part of a detox. In the future I hope to invest in my own juicer, but for now I am enjoying the fresh made juices from OA.

Interesting in juicing? Check out these sites for tips and articles:



Organic Avenue


Blueprint Cleanse



5 Day Spring Detox

Sunday March 20th was the first day of spring, and all though it doesn’t feel like it is spring outside I am starting my yearly ritual of spring cleaning from the inside out. Moving from the dark days of winter into the warmer months, it is important to shed the heaviness of the season past. I look forward to clearing out my body, my mind, and my apartment, creating space for a lighter and brighter spring.

Today I started a 5 Day Spring Detox. Over the next 5 days I will be eliminating processed foods, caffeine, alcohol, negative thinking, judgment and criticism. I will at the same time begin integrating a vegan diet, organic foods, 2 days of juice fasting, self-care, self-love, and positive thinking.

The morning and afternoon of the first day of a detox is always the hardest. The switch to decaf tea from coffee, no processed foods, and only thinking positive takes a lot of mindfulness and preparation. However, once you get over the initial hump it begins to feel amazing. A lightness comes to your body, your mind seems calmer, and you can fall asleep early and recharge.

Over the first 2 days of the detox I will be eating a vegan diet with a lot of portion control. Then I am looking forward to Wednesday when the 2 day juice fast begins. Friday will be a gentle transition day from juice to whole vegan foods again. This cleanse is a stepping stone to clearing out my mind, my body, and give my digestion a rest.

In addition to the modification to my food intake there will be a lot of self reflection – journal writing, meditation, and times of silence. When going through a detox you must be ready to have things come up in order for them to be released. This can be emotionally taxing because as we begin to heal our selves we uncover our hidden shadows. These darker unhealed parts of us are forced to the surface and we are able to restore ourselves.

Lastly my apartment will benefit as I begin spring cleaning. Piles of bags, clothes, files, and books will be organized and hopefully a few things will be removed presently from my apartment creating a clearer and purer living space.

So day 1 comes to an end and I look forward to what comes up as the week goes on.

Interested in doing your own spring cleaning soon? Try out one with Organic Avenue, The Blueprint Cleanse, or the Kali Yoga Detox.