Smiley faces

As a child I once said ‘if everyone had smiley face underwear then everyone would be happy’. I laugh out loud each time I hear this, but I also think how true it is that it can be simple how we find our happiness. It may not be easy for us to see it or get there, but ultimately it is the simplest things that bring us joy and happiness.

Maybe yellow underwear with smiley faces aren’t the answer for you, but try and find something that every time you look at it, it makes you smile? Try to keep it close to your heart or mind always. When you feel yourself getting tense or stressed see if you can remind yourself of that playful thing that makes you smile.

Playful Practice: release your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Relax the jaw, and allow the corners of your mouth to turn up.

Live light, because everything is already okay.




To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists to me are exciting and terrifying at the same time. One moment they can make me feel calm and organized, and the next send me into a tailspin. So, I thought, why not call them something else? When we attach a name to something that name or word can have a negative connotation that could be worse than it actually is. Rather than labeling the ‘to-do list’, why not look at it from a different angle? As I was organizing today’s ‘to-do list’ I realized that it doesn’t have to be as big or as scary as my anxious New Yorker mind can make it. Instead I realized the perfect name! The ‘everything is already okay roll’ – it is an ongoing register of things that are part of life, and not things to stress about because everything will get done and everything is already okay.

It is the same in asana (postures) – when we hear all of the things we are trying to ‘do’ in the pose we become overwhelmed and almost give up. So rather than looking at a posed like Tadasana as a daunting task to keep the tailbone down, chest lifted, chin parallel to the floor, feet grounded, arms lengthening, and even more, look at it as an exciting way to stay focused and continue to develop your skills at being in your own body.

Next time you feel overwhelmed by your work or scary ‘to-do list’ remind yourself that it is actually an ‘everything is already okay roll’. Or if that is too much of a mouthful try ‘OK Roll’. See what the different name conjures up for you and if it helps to you be present rather than stress over what must get done!




Yogi’s Choice

Yogi’s Choice is something I love to offer in my classes. Whenever I say it it sounds like a delicious cereal to me, but what it means is students have a choice to not do everything in class and that it is more important that they listen to their own bodies. An advanced yogi is one who can take a rest when they need one and not push themselves into injury.

Yoga classes take a lot of focus and self care from students. Not only listening to the teacher, but their own physical bodies. For example, if you have a lower back injury and feel a little bit of pain, take a rest and make sure you care for yourself. Always be sure to alert the instructor before class of any injuries or conditions you are working with, we are here to help you practice in the safest way possible.

Yogi’s Choice teaches you to listen to what your body needs. Some days it may want five extra vinyasas in class or it may just want child’s pose. There is no right or wrong, just yogi’s choice.

Here is a yogi’s choice to try out today when you need a rest or before bed – savasana (corpse pose) or Viparita Karani (legs up the wall). Try using an eye pillow and stay for at least 5 minutes in each posture.




Greatest inspirations

I find my greatest creativity, presence, and inspirations while I am moving – be it walking, teaching, hiking, biking, dancing, or even knitting. It is just when I am stagnant in front of my computer that I am stuck, and lost without inspiration. I am writing this post on my iPhone as I am walking down the street, not the safest way to write but I had inspiration, and I love to write when I have this clarity and ease. So even if I’m moving slow, it’s raining on me, and I need to watch for people and cars. I find that my light and my writing shine when I am present to when the creativity comes.

So what is the point here? The point is that sometimes you just need to get your ass up in order to find the energy to do what you need to do. So as you write your next email, paper, or presentation get your butt out of that chair and move! Fold forward, take a walk, do a headstand, whatever it is let your body lead and your mind tag along. Then see what flows. Be open to the purity, fluidity, and authority that follow.

If you are curious about what my clarity inspired, I’ll give you hint – workshops, videos, and books! 

Love and light surrounds you and me.