Mean Girls

I came home last night to Mean Girls on TV, a total chick flick and guilty pleasure. I had planned on doing more work, but my day was already going on 12 hours so I laid in bed next to my boyfriend and decided to just watch. The funny thing is that today I am relating some of the things in my life to that movie and I find the ending of it really stuck with me and had a good lesson to tell. In a nutshell you won’t be able to learn or succeed in life if you are focusing on the small, petty things. So who cares what top the yoga instructor is wearing, that won’t help you be more mindful or present. There are so many distractions in life that are so much easier to listen to than what is at hand. My most recent obsession that is distracting me is the new iphone. I dropped my current iphone on Friday (for the 100th time) and the entire face of it cracked. I was surprisingly calm about it, and didn’t let it bother me – especially because now I have an excuse to buy the newest version of iphone. However, on Friday I didn’t know when it would be coming out. Rather than bore you with the mundane thoughts that occupied my mind over the weekend, but to sum it up I found I researched every which way I could find out when I could get the new iphone. The amount of brainpower that was exhausted by that is silly and it was a waste of time. Like Cady finally realized at the end of Mean Girls, she wouldn’t be able to succeed if she was worried about her opponent’s horrid outfit. For me I realized I wouldn’t be able to learn from my teachers in my workshops if I was itching to see what the latest news was on the iphone. This is something we all do and it is harmless (well not in the Mean Girls movie), but it is a waste of our minds. Can you think of a time when you were preoccupied by the latest technology, another student’s yoga clothes or the instructors voice or outfit? Ask yourself next time you catch yourself doing that what benefit it provides you.


Substance and Autheniticity

By admitting in my last blog post that I have a loss of words, I have a new-found burst of what I like to call ‘word vomit’. I went from one extreme to the other! Often I can do that, end up spewing way too much information and overloading someone and myself! So in this post I will work on finding balance and not overwhelming you!

Recently one of my mentors spoke about substance and authenticity. Speaking about how easy it is too see right through someone who has none. I found myself then questioning what is substance and authenticity? And do I have any?!

By asking myself these questions I realize that I doubt my abilities and myself. I remember reading somewhere how doubt is one of our biggest obstacles and when we doubt ourselves we hold ourselves back. So why am I holding myself back? Why do I fear that I am not authentic?

One way I know that I am being true to myself and authentic is when I look in the mirror I can now see myself and recognize who I am. In the past I would look in the mirror and say who is that person across from me? At my old job I lost myself. During my first month at my job a colleague told me, when you look in the mirror and don’t recognize yourself you have gone too far. Too often I tried to please others and lost track of who I was and what my values are.

Today I can look in the mirror and see me. I can say I am a yoga instructor and yoga therapist in NYC. I combine eastern and western thought to provide clarity and purpose through asana, pranayama, and meditation. I left my marketing job in December 2009 to dedicate my time and my life to this path. What can I do but be with what I have chosen and continue to take advantage of whatever experiences I can find, exploring myself, and being true to who I am. Not trying to fit into a mold or become exactly like my mentors that I love so much, but working on finding the pieces that best define me.

Tomorrow, next month, next year my direction may change. How I teach and how I practice will evolve and I look forward to continuing on this path and am thankful to all of my mentors, friends, and families who help me to really SEE who I am.

The path that I took helped me to find a more easeful way to live everyday life, and that is what I hope to share with others. Teaching others to learn how to take the skills they learn on the mat out into the world. So the next time in the office when you feel overwhelmed and stressed out you will be able to more easily come back to a balanced state and be able to mindfully work through whatever obstacles you may be facing.

Have you ever thought – how can I be authentic? It may be a difficult or easy question to answer, but it is one worth looking at. Taking the time to really SEE you. When you can’t really see yourself it is like an ocean with waves and ripples casting a shadow over the bottom of the ocean. When the ripples and waves calm you can see to the ocean floor – your true self. There will always be storms and sunny days, but as you learn what the ocean floor truly looks like the storms won’t last as long.



PS In the sprit of the joy and laughter I feel after writing this, the picture above helps to represent how I see myself and how I am feeling!



As I settle back in at home after my recent trip to Bristol, VT I am finding that I have a loss of words. With all of the work I have been doing to explore the deeper self I have arrived at a point where I can’t describe what I have found – and I am realizing this might not be a bad thing.

My desire to articulate everything has had the opposite effect, where I find I am at a loss for words. In a world where we communicate via blogs, Facebook, e-newsletters, Twitter, etc., I feel forced to always be able to express myself and describe my experiences. Rather than forcing myself to find new things to write about, I have decided to accept my lack of words.

I am struggling with the idea of just being with an experience rather than describing it, analyzing it, or defining it. Why not simply allow the emotions to come and go? Life is a continuous ebb and flow where things are always changing. No matter how much I try to control, it life keeps going and my resistance to this movement just makes life harder.

Through the classes I have been taking, speaking with my mentors, and in the books I have been reading, I have been finding signs everywhere to practice compassion and presence. Rather than fight the universe I am trying to let go of doing and just be for today. To allow my post to simply be that I can’t explain where I am right now. I am acknowledging that as I allow myself to settle the words will come and I will be able to truly feel my experience.

We can so easily become lost in our words and labels so I invite you to try out a few minutes (or hours) of silence today and see what you find. Share the time with yourself and then decide if you would like to share it with friends.




Yoga + Yarn Retreat

Yoga + Yarn Retreat: Plymouth, VT

Good Commons – Nov 4-7, 2010

Unwind during a relaxing weekend in VT practicing yoga and knitting. All levels of yogis and knitters welcome! Cultivate the meditative nature of yoga and knitting.  

Good Commons is the perfect place to learn to knit or refresh your skills with Master Knitter Nancy Laird. Nancy, a yogini and lifetime knitter, will share with you her skills and knowledge of the art of knitting.

Liza Laird is a yoga instructor and yoga therapist in NYC. She found her love of yoga and knitting from her mom, Nancy, and loves to share this passion.

This dynamic duo will take you through and teach you how to practice yoga + knit! No previous experience required! All levels welcome.

$100/per person – day pass
$425/per person – loft
$550/per person – shared room (based on double occupancy)
$750/per person – private room

Roundtrip transportation from NJ and NYC on the Good bus (single pick-up and drop-off location)
All meals as outlined in itinerary (itinerary coming soon)
Wine and spirits related to in-house meals
Local transportation
Yoga classes
Trip to local Alpaca Farm

*** Private massage and relaxation/movement sessions available at additional cost ***

+Subject to change

Travel Information:
Coming soon.

Reservation and Payment Information:
An advance deposit of $250 is required to reserve your space on this retreat. All deposits are non-refundable. Absolutely no refund, deposit or payment transfers will be made if cancellation is received after deadline of September 20, 2010. Balance must be paid by October 15, 2010.

To register for the retreat, go to for your initial $250 deposit. You may also complete your payment for the retreat at

If you are interested and would like more details email