Duration 10

So how long is this really going to take?
10 minutes (more or less)

When in a class or posture be where you are. Be Where You Are.

It seems like a simple instruction but our desire often sneaks in for things to be different than how they are. For being somewhere we are not right now. Perhaps we’re feeling hungry or agitated over something that happened earlier. So can you truly be where you are? Can you be confident, comfortable, and compassionate to wherever you are in your life at this very moment?
This ten minute practice takes you through basic postures with attention to the present moment. Watch as your mind wanders and be with yourself wherever you may be in each pose.

Suggested props: 2 blankets

In this seated meditation we explore silence. After you have completed the meditation try to stay silent for one hour afterwards.

Suggested props: 2 blankets or a chair

In this 10 minute meditation you are guided through the repetition of a new self-loving mantra: ‘My heart is open and love emanates from me. Love is my state of being and I offer love to myself.’.

Suggested props: 2 blankets or a chair

10 Minutes in the Evening

10 min gentle practice to begin the quieting of the mind, body, and breath before bed.