Duration 30

So how long is this really going to take?
30 minutes (more or less)

In this asana class you will explore different standing poses that help build strong roots into the earth.

Tapas: Purify

Suggested props: 1 blanket

Through asana we explore tapas a Sanskrit term meaning ‘to burn’. Tapas practices are processes of inner cleansing. Cleansing of not only the physical but mental impurities that no longer serve us.

The purification is not only of what you put into your body, but what you see, what you read, the people you surround yourself with. You can control what you eat, read, and most of what you see. When you begin to eliminate things that deplete you, you create space for those that you love, things that ignite you, your inner strength, and strong self-confidence.



Flexible Mind. Flexible Body.

Explore yoga from the perspective of a flexible mind. Being open to challenging inversions while being compassionate towards yourself and having fun! This is an advanced practice and previous experience with bakasana and sirsasana 2 are recommended before beginning this video.

Suggested Props: 2 blankets, 2 blocks, 1 strap