Once you have practiced asana and are able to find stillness in a seated posture try meditation to go deeper into the exploration of stilling the mind.

Tapas: Insult

In this video we explore tapas through a meditation in action.

In this seated meditation we explore silence. After you have completed the meditation try to stay silent for one hour afterwards.

Suggested props: 2 blankets or a chair

In this 10 minute meditation you are guided through the repetition of a new self-loving mantra: ‘My heart is open and love emanates from me. Love is my state of being and I offer love to myself.’.

Suggested props: 2 blankets or a chair

Loving kindness is a meditation practice that many try daily in order to cultivate feelings of love towards themselves and everything around them. Try it everyday for one week and notice any changes or differences in you.

Suggested props: 2 blankets or a chair.