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In the Moment with Liza Laird

On a chilly Monday night, Yoga Sleuth headed down to Tribeca to check out Do Yoga and Pilates, a donation based studio. When I entered the lobby, the front desk staff greeted me with big smiles and explained that a $10 donation is suggested, but I should pay what I feel. I felt no pressure to pay a certain amount. The studio consists of two floors with several classrooms and spacious changing rooms. I went downstairs to the large candle lit studio and set up my mat.



Liza Laird Yoga is the official website of Liza Laird, a respected yoga instructor who focuses on the intersection of yoga and psychology. Liza specializes in translating physical postures into new perspectives on life that promote emotional healing and well being. Liza offers private, group and corporate classes, as well as retreats and Rising Star healing sessions. For more information on the wonderful Liza Laird or to sign up for a class go to:


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