Yoga Book Club

Welcome to the @LizaLaird Twitter #YogaBookClub.

Join the @LizaLaird Twitter followers in reading and discussing a book that explores topics in Eastern thought. Whether you practice yoga or are curious about books that cover topics on spirituality, philosophy, and psychology join us for the Twitter chat.

During the month we will periodically post on Twitter letting followers know where we are in the book and what we think so far. We will be positing questions about the book and encourage you to share your thoughts and comments as well.

Be sure you use #YogaBookClub when you tweet.

If you have a suggestion for a #YogaBookClub you’d like picked for a future book club, send us a DM at @LizaLaird.

Buddha by Deepak Chopra is an inspirational story of enlightenment – a fictional look at what Buddha’s life was like. Deepak Chopra has inspired me and thousands around the world with his spiritual teachings and this book gives an opportunity to be exposed to the life of Buddha.

Date: Sunday, September 20, 2009

Time: 3:00 pm

RSVP by September 15, 2009