Coaching FAQ

Curious about coaching and want to know more? Look over these questions and if you still wonder give me a call!

What is Live Light Coaching?

We are all meant to shine and live to our fullest potential and sometimes we need a little help to get there. Liza’s coaching helps you to build you life or your business to it’s greatest and biggest self. Liza offers support and accountability to those seeking to live to their fullest potential in business or personal life. Entrepreneurs starting a new venture, yoga instructors searching for ways to build their practice, and anyone searching to cultivate a happier life come to Liza for coaching. Start living your life today!

Where are sessions held?
All individual coaching sessions are over the phone. Some coaching workshops are held in person at Liza’s office.

How much does coaching cost?
Rates vary depending on how you want to utilize your coach (life coaching vs. business coaching)

How often do we meet?
2-3 times a month for 45 minutes.