One on One

Does your life feel dull, difficult, and unfulfilled? Do you feel stuck and unable to enjoy yourself? Unsure of what your purpose is? Want to make changes but need support? Do you want to be more balanced and less stressed and held in a more consistent way while creating your life?

Work one-on-one in a co-active relationship with Liza to design your life and live from a more intuitive space. The coaching relationship provides the support and accountability you need to live the passionate and joyful life you have always dreamed of.

Live Light Coaching works with you to hold you accountable and keep you on track. It’s not someone telling you what to do. It is a way for you to start to listening and living from your own voice. You can achieve everything you want and more. Learn to stop holding your self back and getting in your own way. No more excuses! Find your passion and make it your reality. Find clarity, purpose, and understanding of yourself and how to live a more fulfilling life. Each session is unique to your needs and held over the phone. Unlimited emails and in-depth calls two-three times a month give you the tools to grow your business and/or life to it brightest and best potential.

Invest in your life today and contact Liza to start Live Light Coaching.



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