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Tadasana, mountain pose, is the foundation of all yoga postures.


Tadasana, mountain pose, is the foundation of all yoga postures. This short video will have you in tadasana for about 1 minute. Take the time to breath evenly in and out the nose, and to begin to explore the dual action of strength and flexibility.


Asana is Steady and Comfortable

This video is about Sutra 2.46: Stiram sukham asanam (Asana is a steady and comfortable posture). We are looking for suppleness and strength in a posture. Where we are free of tension and toxins so with a quiet body, a quiet mind follows. A completely supple body is always healthy and tension free. So notice how you are sitting right now – where is there tension and where is there suppleness?

As we begin to notice patterns in our asanas we notice the same in our day-to-day. How does steadiness and ease show up for you? Are you often tense and stressed and unable to let go? Or are you so free and go with the flow that you have no control in your life? Just like in a asana where we don’t want to sink into our joins, we don’t want to be complete push overs in our lives.

Take a moment to reflect on which end of the spectrum you lean towards – strength, flexibility, or balanced sense of steadiness and ease?

No judgement, just become aware of your tendencies.


Let’s Twist Again

Let’s twist again is a video that will guide you through a practice of postures which aid digestion.

Suggested props: 2 blocks, 1 blanket