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Take a Moment

Before jumping out of bed in the morning or reaching for your phone, take a moment to breathe. Even if it is just one big inhale and exhale, use the pause as a moment to slow down your day.

Some mornings I wake up and before I can stop my mind it is listing off the many things I need to do. I start organizing my day or reading through emails and I’ve already lost track of time. Take control of your mornings by not rushing into anything. A few moments of mindfulness will translate into a clearer day.


Live Light Practice:

Before getting out of bed in the morning take a moment to focus on your breathing. Once you feel your breathing is even slowly climb out of bed and start your day.


Mellow Out

Some days just go in slow motion. I started my home practice today and realized it was going to be a mellow day. My mind was racing, but my body was moving slow.

To quiet my mind and move towards a state of being where my body and mind were connected I did practices that had my head below my heart and sometimes my forehead connected to the earth. By grounding my forehead I started to notice the slowing down of my thoughts.

In this child’s pose (picture on the left) I put my hands between my heels and butt so that it was a softer pose. I let my muscles relax and gravity do its thing. Soon after getting into the pose I felt more balanced. By having my head connected to the floor, my hands and legs joined, I was able to breath deeply and coax my body and mind to a similar slow rhythm.

I began and ended my practice with this cuddly child’s pose. Feel like you are having a mellow day? Try it out.

Live Light Practice:

Take a child’s pose where you feel fully supported. That might mean a block under your forehead and blankets behind your knees. Take time to set it up so you can rest there for about three minutes.



Begin lying down in savasana with both hands on your belly. Let the eyes close and watch each inhale and exhale.

End of the day

At the end of the day when you are getting ready for bed and everything you did and didn’t do today is swimming through your head, rather than allowing those thoughts to control you, take time to cool down from the day. Whip out your mat or sit right onto the floor and try 5-10 minutes of asana (yoga postures). Simple and gentle poses like cat-cow, a lying down twist, happy baby, and child’s pose. Moving slowly within these postures will allow your mind and body to connect through the meditative rhythm of your breath. Follow the asana with a 5 minute meditation where you silently repeat to your self on the inhale ‘let’ and on the exhale ‘go’. Inhale ‘let’, exhale ‘go’. Then make your way silently to bed. After sometime in bed if you feel as though sleep isn’t going to come easily try writing in a journal or reading a book. Sleep tight!