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Purification through communication









How well we communicate to the world and to ourselves is how we show our own self-expression, and creativity. Our throat is the center of our communication and this is where we take in sustenance and express ourselves. When the throat is closed off we have no way to reveal our feelings or our creativity. Ultimately we can end up with hearing problems, thyroid imbalance, sore throat, TMJ and become shy, mousy, emotional, and disempowered.

Communication involves not only what we say but what we fail to say. By failing to say what you really feel, you bottle up emotions and can limit yourself. Also, what sustenance we put into our bodies determines how much nourishment we are offering ourselves. Not saying what needs to be said and stuffing yourself with coca cola, potato chips, twizzlers or whatever junk foods you enjoy can lead to temporary comfort, but long lasting disempowerment and emotional instability….continue reading at Ashley Turner’s site.


Let me clear my throat





As I prepare for the upcoming yoga retreat to Bali I have been reading Fragrant Rice by Janet De Neefe. As Janet writes about her adjusting to life in Bali and understanding the culture she expresses how one of the most difficult skills to master was that of silence.

“…the Balinese art of sitting with family and friends, hardly speaking a word, for what seemed like an eternity. Silence is just another way of communicating feelings, a space for words and thoughts to gather.”

Our throat chakra is the center of communication, our ability to speak clearly to ourselves and others. At times silence is needed in order to really hear the truth. In my studio classes this week I have been taking time to turn off the music, stop speaking, and have each person lead themselves through Surya Namaskara B with the sound of their own breathe moving and guiding them. This is a powerful and quiet practice that allows you to really listen to your body rather than be distracted by things outside of us.

Live Light Practice:

Sit with family or friends in silence for 20 minutes, no need for music, tv, or other noises for distraction. See how it feels to be with others in silence.




Living Your Power

Handstand at Jangala in Peru














Our 3rd chakra is the manipura chakra. Manipura translates to ‘lustrous gem’, because it shines bright like the sun, it is our radiant power from the inside. The purpose of the manipura chakra is to overcome inertia and transformation.

Practices that bring balance to this chakra are kapalabhati breathing, meditation, writing in your journal, and overcoming inertia with asanas (yoga postures).

Take time to reflect on the following questions to ignite your inner fire:

– What am I passionate about?

– What type of life do I want to live?

– How can I be authentic?

– How can I follow my integrity?




Get Rooted

Grounding is an important practice for a sense of balance and security. When we feel uprooted it can be unnerving and create fear based reactions. When we balance our selves and focus on the muladhara (root chakra) we move with greater skill because we are not thrown off so easily. No matter if we are in a yoga class balancing on one foot or are moving across the world we are able to adjust and adapt.

This week in the Online Studio you will find videos giving different practices of grounding. In the move section you will explore different standing poses that help build strong roots into the earth. Sit practices that build mental grounding strength, as well as breathing and Live Light practices.