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Begin lying down in savasana with both hands on your belly. Let the eyes close and watch each inhale and exhale.

This is a short (3min) meditation to invite the idea of going with the flow. Watch your thoughts, watch your breath and notice the resistance. Can you allow yourself to flow in meditation?

Suggested props: Sitting on 2 blankets or a chair.

Live Light Practice:
Take one day a week to do nothing. Make no plans. Don’t set an alarm, just wake up and let the day take you.

Go with the flow

Sometimes we just need to flow with it. Explore this idea as we move through asanas (postures). Be mindful if you loose connection with your breath to take a break and begin again once you are balanced.

Suggested props: None needed. A blanket if you like for under your knees in savasana. If you have tight hamstrings use blocks under your hands when necessary.

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