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No mat required

The practice of yoga, meditation, or breathing exercises does not require a yoga mat or being inside. Anytime, anywhere you can be mindful and practice. While in SC I took time to practice outside on the beach. Practicing in nature is one of the most beautiful ways to really get grounded.


One thing that scares you


I am sure you have heard the saying before “try one thing a day that scares you”. By following this guidance it can help us to move beyond our comfort zone to a point where we can grow and do things we didn’t know we could before. Challenging ourselves and pushing our limits gives us a chance to change. Trying to do one thing a day that scares you is a way to do that.

When faced with a fear we can cower away from it or forge through it. Being fearless doesn’t necessarily mean you have no fear, but that you act in spite of that fear.

In this photo I am doing a handstand on a 5 ft high rock wall. Although I am not afraid of handstands, I was nervous to be trying them so high up with limited space for error. It was exhilarating and forced me to stay very focused on my control while upside down. It was a mindful practice that challenged me physically and mentally.


Live Light Practice:

Do one thing today that scares you. It can be anything from talking to a stranger to trying a cartwheel! Have fun with it and see how you feel after.


New Perspective

Tomorrow begins a new month, and the opportunity for a new perspective. The New Year is behind us and old habits can sneak in. Take this weekend to relax and remind  yourself of what you are grateful for this year.

If you are feeling stuck maybe it is time to find a new perspective. This weekend, to see things in a new way I’ll be taking an inversion workshop.

Live Light Practice:

Turn upside down. Try a forward fold, downward dog, or a handstand. See if you can hold the posture for at least one minute. Move slowly in and out so you can watch any shifts in perspective that occur.

Much love and peace,


















Live Light Practice:
Find a new perspective! Try a handstand or a downward dog and notice the shift.


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