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More Golden Loops













I finally finished my golden loop scarf! It was a project that I started and restarted many times. Not because it was difficult but because I was having so much fun knitting the yarn and I kept changing the pattern. What I found was I kept on trying to make the pattern unique and complicated when really the yarn just needed a simple stockinette stitch to look beautiful as a loop scarf.

Even though I was enjoying the process of knitting the scarf I did find that each time I picked up the yarn I got all excited and I wanted to know what I would knit next. At times I would put the knitting down to look online at ravelry.com and purlsoho.com for future project ideas. Most knitters have a stash of yarn ready and waiting for them to knit, and I admit I have my own small one, but I am I’m trying to be disciplined this time and just knit this project and wait until its done before I start anything else. I began to focus on each stitch and my breathing in order to stop the distractions of what would come next.

It is human nature to want more, and it is the wanting that can cause unhappiness. When I first started my yoga practice I recall wanting to transition from bakasana (crow pose) to adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) as soon as possible. I wanted to within only a few weeks do something extremely advanced. Just as I was knitting this last project I wanted to create my own pattern and spin my own yarn. Really what I needed was santosa, not wanting or desiring more, and to accept the stage of knitting that I was at.

Santosa is the attitude we have towards our current state and activities. It is the acceptance and peace in the current moment. Santosa, is not wanting or desiring more, but being in the present. The more we make it our everyday practice to be content the easier it will be to be at peace in the center of all the chaos of life. No matter if it is through a knitting project or being with your asana (postures) or meditation practice. It is learning to accept where you are at each moment that can allow us to live in a balanced way.

Live Light Practice:

For three days in a row before bed write in your journal. Keep in mind santosa (contentment) and what it means for you. How can you feel santosa, not wanting or desiring more? Note what you are grateful for in your life at this very moment. Be present with what is happening for you at this stage in time.


Good Times







We’ve come back from another wonderful retreat at Good Commons, a place where you feel nothing but love, peace, warm, and joy for the entire time you are there. We enjoyed a full weekend of yoga, knitting, amazing meals, tasty wines, adorable cows, fantastic massages, and delightful company. Take a peak at some of the highlights from the weekend in the Yoga + Yarn album by clicking here.

Did you miss out on the fun this year? Well do not fear we will be heading back to Good Commons Nov 8-11, 2012!

Need a Yoga + Yarn fix before then? Join us Dec 4th 1:30-3:30pm for a yoga and knitting workshop. We will have a one hour vinyasa class that focuses on opening up the hips, shoulders, and strengthening the wrists for those over worked knitting hands. The hour class will be followed by knitting, snacks, and time with friends. Email info@lizalaird.com for details.















Golden Loop Scarf

Around this time last year I went to a knitting meet-up at the La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe. While there I found two balls of yarn on sale in this beautiful golden color. I wasn’t positive at the time what I would make with it, but I decided that I wanted to buy it anyway and keep it in my yarn stash for later.

Finally this summer I started the project – a loop scarf that I could wrap around my neck without worrying about it shifting or falling off. There was also some leftover yarn from a past project that I had wanted to use with the golden yarn as well. After a few months of knitting I decided today that I didn’t like at all where the project was going and since I was making the pattern up as I went along I felt no remorse to rip out the entire thing and start over.

Now I sit next to empty needles and two balls of yarn waiting to be crafted into a scarf – and I am so excited! There are endless possibilities! I still plan on making a Golden Loop Scarf of my own pattern, but now I also hope to use the second ball to make fingerless gloves. What I love about this project is not being attached to what it must look like in the end. Patterns are extremely helpful at times, but for now I am enjoying the freedom of my creativity.

Yoga teachings that come in handy when knitting are practice, non-attachment, and letting go of results. In the Bhagavad Gita we are taught that through practice (action) and not attaching to the fruits of our actions, we can attain steady peace. So rather than attaching to the perfection of a finished knitting project, continue to knit and enjoy the process. The journey of a knitting project can be even more enjoyable than the results of it.