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Shoulding All Over Yourself











I become suspicious of my self when the word “should” pops up a lot. It is a time when I begin to question myself. What is it that I really want? What do I really need? Am I doing things to please others?

Doing things because we think we should can lead to a disconnect between our personal values and our actions. Do you ever feel guilty about relaxing because you think you should be doing more? We create guilt and internal battles when we base our choices on what we should do.

At times I look to my cat, Ike, for clues on how to practice self-care and not succumb to ‘what I should do’. Cats and dogs alike make their choices based on their needs. They rest when they need to and play when they want. Ike lounges and enjoys life – as you can see he has prostrated himself on my yoga mat. Although, he has hindered my ability to do downward facing dog I appreciate his reminder that sometimes there isn’t a need for movement.

By listening to our bodies we can find that savasana is the yoga posture needed, or perhaps a vigorous vinyasa. Each day our body and mind requires different support. Your yoga practice can be journal writing or headstands depending on what your body and mind need. It doesn’t have to be what you think you should do, as that will wear you down overtime.

Live Light Practice:

Watch your word choice over the next day. How often do you make choices based on what you think you should be doing? Catch yourself and be conscious about your decisions. See if it is really something you want to do or something you think you should do.


Live Light Practice

Write in your journal each morning for 20-30min. Allow it to be stream of consciousness to clear your mind before you start your day.



From darkness to light













The days following hurricane Sandy still seem unreal. Areas of NYC seem untouched, but as we watch the news and speak to friends and families in the surrounding areas we hear of the devastation wrought by Sandy. In lower Manhattan we have power and are back in the light, but not everyone is as lucky. Some still hope for power, and others are going to need to rebuild their homes.

It will take patience and time, but together we will move further into the light and help to rebuild the communities that were greatly affected.

Taking everything day by day can make this more managable. Take care of yourself first by starting with a short meditation repeating the asato ma sadgamaya chant to clear your mind, relax your body and prepare you for the day.

Live Light Practice:

Sit in a quiet place on the floor or in a chair. For ten minutes repeat the following chant to yourself. Try in Sanskrit, but you can always repeat the English if you prefer.

asato ma sadgamaya
tamaso ma jyotirgamaya
mrtyorma amrtam gamaya

Lead me from the untruth to the truth.
Lead me from darkness to light.
Lead me from death to immortality.





Out with the old and in with the new

With the start of fall I have been thinking a lot about ‘out with the old and in with the new’. A new season inspires taking time to shed what is no longer serving us to create space for what is to come next.

At home I started this by giving away clothes that I no longer use. In yoga classes I’ve been teaching twists and tapas (purification) to inspire cleansing from the inside out.

There are thoughts, ideas, objects, and habits that we carry with us daily that might not necessarily benefit us. Going into fall 2012 what is something physically or mentally that you need to release?


Live Light Practice:
Set aside twenty minutes to go in your closet and find three items that you haven’t worn in the past year and donate them to Salvation Army.