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Balancing Act

There is always a need to adjust or maneuver in order to move with the shifts of life, it’s a balancing act. Being balanced comes from making choices and taking action consciously. If we approach life in a conscious manner we can create the life we want.

When we are unconscious in our lives we can begin to feel stuck or unfulfilled. Is there perhaps a part of your life where you are not feeling fulfilled or stuck? One way to make a change in your life is to take a step back and look at it from a different angle.

Yesterday I found shifting my perspective was how I brought myself back to the present. My day started off rocky and I could have looked at the entire day as being bad, but instead I took it as a sign that I needed to wake up, and be more conscious. It felt like everything was going wrong, at one point I spilled my entire coffee without even having taken a sip. Then I broke new glasses and my cat got sick. My first reaction was to think everything was going wrong and what a bad day I was going to have.

Continuing to develop my skills as a coach I took a continuing education course this week. When at class I decided I didn’t want to look at the day as horrible and stew in my own frustrations, so I decided to shift my perspective. I took a few deep breaths and slowed down. I had been rushing around and trying to multitask too much. Reminding myself that everything is already okay I took at a look at what was really going on and I realized I just needed a new outlook.

From this new perspective I approached the day eager to learn, and got a lot out of the course. I had taken the time to recognize the ebbs and flows of life and how pausing for a moment to be conscious of how I am moving through life can make a shift in how I approach the day.

What is another perspective I could have looked at yesterday with? Perhaps I could have ignored it all together and felt that the day would continue to fall apart. My day would have been different then, I would have been distracted and unable to pay attention in class. When I choose to look at what happened as an awakening to be more conscious of myself in every moment I was able to be present and open to the day ahead.

By taking the time to slow down and see what was really going on I made a choice to breathe and receive. As I move ahead with the weekend I will be consciously breathing and receiving the world around me.

Balance in life is all about making choices. We create our lives with every choice we make, and we can create a life of our dreams. How do you want to be?

Live Light Practice:

Is there something bugging you? Or is there a part of your life where you feel stuck? Take a few moments to discover and then create a name for this part of your life. Acknowledge how you feel about this part of your life, and now invite in a new perspective.

Stand up and raise your arms above your head, stretching and expanding your body. Rotate to your left; bring Gandhi to mind and the qualities that he represents to you. If you were to embody these attributes how might you look at this part of your life differently?

Wiggle your body and turn to your left. Think of Bob Marley and what he represents to you. If you were to think of his qualities how would you look at this part of your life?

Turn to your left and shake your arms and legs. Then bring in the qualities of Martha Stewart. If you were to include her qualities into your perspective how may you view this part of your life differently?

Looking back at the views of Gandhi, Bob Marley, and Martha Stewart is there one that resonates more with you? Which qualities do you want to take with you when you begin to look at this part of your life in a new way? What is one small action you could do in the next few days that will be in line with this new way of looking at things?




Purification through communication









How well we communicate to the world and to ourselves is how we show our own self-expression, and creativity. Our throat is the center of our communication and this is where we take in sustenance and express ourselves. When the throat is closed off we have no way to reveal our feelings or our creativity. Ultimately we can end up with hearing problems, thyroid imbalance, sore throat, TMJ and become shy, mousy, emotional, and disempowered.

Communication involves not only what we say but what we fail to say. By failing to say what you really feel, you bottle up emotions and can limit yourself. Also, what sustenance we put into our bodies determines how much nourishment we are offering ourselves. Not saying what needs to be said and stuffing yourself with coca cola, potato chips, twizzlers or whatever junk foods you enjoy can lead to temporary comfort, but long lasting disempowerment and emotional instability….continue reading at Ashley Turner’s site.


Love is all you need







Love is something we are all searching for. Something we try to understand and we try to take control of. To feel true unconditional love for yourself and others creates lightness, simplicity, and softness. The process of understanding our relationship to love begins with ourselves. ‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’ – Oscar Wilde.

The heart is the center of love, and often we spend our lives protecting our heart so much that we hold ourselves back from ever truly feeling love. Until we learn to open our hearts and love ourselves it can be difficult to give and receive love.

Love is not oriented only towards specific objects, but feeling love towards everything we encounter – it is a state of being that is felt within us. We do not need anything from this love but to feel it, receive it, and give it.

When looking at the body at levels of consciousness, love is located at the heart where we begin to find self-love. The fourth chakra or anahata (unstruck) chakra is located at the heart and lungs. A closed off heart and lungs can result in asthma, lung disease, shortness of breath, sunken chest, and high blood pressure. It is through opening and understanding this chakra that we are able to connect our body and mind, to love ourselves, and deepen our relationships.

The hearth is the integrator of the mind and the body and the prana (energy flow within the body) is also the link between the two. The awareness and attention ….. read more on Ashley Turner’s site.