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Live Light Practice













Begin each day with a gratitude journal listing at least five things you are grateful for. Then throughout the day each time you have a negative thought replace it with a positive one.


Breakfast in Bed















It doesn’t just have to be Valentine’s day to tell someone you love them or do something special for them.

As I was perusing Pinterest I stumbled upon a recipe for broiled grapefruit, and thought it would be a tasty treat. So, this morning I made coffee and broiled a grapefruit with honey for my hubby to enjoy breakfast in bed.

It doesn’t matter how big or small the gesture is, it is all about taking the time to be present with the ones you love.


Live Light Practice:

Give a hug and tell someone important to you that you love them today.

If you have the time make them breakfast in bed.






Fearless Fridays

Live Light Practice:

Open your heart and share the love. Use this Fearless Friday to tell someone you care about that you love them!


Be Your Own Valentine!













‘To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance’
~ Oscar Wilde.

Happy Valentines day fellow yogis! This year I invite you to look at this holiday in a different way and give love to yourself.

Until we learn to open our hearts and love ourselves it can be difficult to give and receive love. To begin the process of understanding love, we must begin with ourselves.

Start by looking into your heart and discover what you love about yourself. If you find this challenging, take a cue from the sun. The sun nurtures all living things on earth; it radiates continuously in all directions and does not discriminate in any way. Look at your own heart as if it were the sun. Allow it to radiate continuously without discrimination.

Live Light Practice:

Shower yourself with attention and gifts! Be your own Valentine and give yourself a gift or a compliment, take your favorite yoga class or get a massage. Find any treat just for you!

PS Don’t let the love die after Valentines day. Try to show yourself love everyday!

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