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Mindful Monday

Take time out today to meditate. Morning, afternoon, or evening will do. Five or ten minutes to be present and mindful.

Live Light Practice: meditate using the mantra ‘om shri lakshmi namah’ (Goddess Lakshmi reside in me and bestow abundance in all aspects of my life.)


Live Light Practice












Live Light Practice:
For three days in a row let ‘everything is awesome’ be your mantra. Repeat it to yourself throughout the day.
You may notice in moments of discomfort it is easier to breath. See if you mood shifts with the mantra. Or perhaps you find yourself resisting the joy. Explore it with your breath and being present.


Bring in the new year with Ganesha












Ganesha is an elephant-headed deity that is worshiped in India and many parts of the world. Daily routines, opening of new businesses, the start of a journey, and even an exam are preceded by a prayer to Ganesha. It is felt that he is the remover of all obstacles and before all endeavors it is important to seek Ganesha’s blessing first.

Live Light Practice:

Begin the new year by chanting this Ganesha mantra to yourself or out loud for 5-10 minutes each morning:

om gam ganapataye namaha

(I offer my love and devotion to Sri Ganesha; please grant me success in my noble endeavor)