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Mindful Monday

Take time out today to meditate. Morning, afternoon, or evening will do. Five or ten minutes to be present and mindful.

Live Light Practice: meditate using the mantra ‘om shri lakshmi namah’ (Goddess Lakshmi reside in me and bestow abundance in all aspects of my life.)


Mindful Monday













Mindful Monday – make time for meditation today. Try at least 5 min.


Mindful Monday

Mindful Monday

Live Light Practice:
Take a seat outside and breathe deeply. Relax your jaw. Just be.


Mindful Monday


Live Live Practice:

Today try this mental health practice. Set an alarm on your phone for every two hours as a ‘mindful minute’. When the alarm sounds stop whatever you are doing to take a one minute break. Notice your breathing, how hunched over your computer you are, and maybe take a short walk.