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Mindful Knitting

Watch this video to learn more about what Mindful Knitting at The Yarn Company is.

Each month Liza Laird will be at The Yarn Company for Yoga for Knitters event! At this event we will stretch our bodies, open our minds, and knit for charity. The final blanket knit over the Monday night gatherings will be donated to Safe Horizon.

Dates: 1/14
Time: 7-9pm
Location: The Yarn Company, 274 Broadway, New York, NY 10024

For more details go to theyarnco.com


Rabbit, rabbit

The start of a new month begins today and the chance to review your goals and intentions. August can generally be the hottest month and is the last month of summer. Leading up to the transition of fall we can choose to let our selves enjoy summer or start gearing up for the start of a new season.

Looking at current goals and intentions and checking where you are with them can help you stay on track. For me I’m continuing building the 7-day Chakra course on Udemy.com, planning upcoming retreats (Vermont, Panama, Thailand), and on a personal note gearing up for a new puppy!

Each and every moment we get to choose what to focus on and how to look at the world. How do you choose to see your life?

Live Light Practice:
Over coffee, tea or your beverage of choice contemplate what your intention for the month of August is. How do you want to be? What areas of your life do you need to shed light on?



Balancing Act

There is always a need to adjust or maneuver in order to move with the shifts of life, it’s a balancing act. Being balanced comes from making choices and taking action consciously. If we approach life in a conscious manner we can create the life we want.

When we are unconscious in our lives we can begin to feel stuck or unfulfilled. Is there perhaps a part of your life where you are not feeling fulfilled or stuck? One way to make a change in your life is to take a step back and look at it from a different angle.

Yesterday I found shifting my perspective was how I brought myself back to the present. My day started off rocky and I could have looked at the entire day as being bad, but instead I took it as a sign that I needed to wake up, and be more conscious. It felt like everything was going wrong, at one point I spilled my entire coffee without even having taken a sip. Then I broke new glasses and my cat got sick. My first reaction was to think everything was going wrong and what a bad day I was going to have.

Continuing to develop my skills as a coach I took a continuing education course this week. When at class I decided I didn’t want to look at the day as horrible and stew in my own frustrations, so I decided to shift my perspective. I took a few deep breaths and slowed down. I had been rushing around and trying to multitask too much. Reminding myself that everything is already okay I took at a look at what was really going on and I realized I just needed a new outlook.

From this new perspective I approached the day eager to learn, and got a lot out of the course. I had taken the time to recognize the ebbs and flows of life and how pausing for a moment to be conscious of how I am moving through life can make a shift in how I approach the day.

What is another perspective I could have looked at yesterday with? Perhaps I could have ignored it all together and felt that the day would continue to fall apart. My day would have been different then, I would have been distracted and unable to pay attention in class. When I choose to look at what happened as an awakening to be more conscious of myself in every moment I was able to be present and open to the day ahead.

By taking the time to slow down and see what was really going on I made a choice to breathe and receive. As I move ahead with the weekend I will be consciously breathing and receiving the world around me.

Balance in life is all about making choices. We create our lives with every choice we make, and we can create a life of our dreams. How do you want to be?

Live Light Practice:

Is there something bugging you? Or is there a part of your life where you feel stuck? Take a few moments to discover and then create a name for this part of your life. Acknowledge how you feel about this part of your life, and now invite in a new perspective.

Stand up and raise your arms above your head, stretching and expanding your body. Rotate to your left; bring Gandhi to mind and the qualities that he represents to you. If you were to embody these attributes how might you look at this part of your life differently?

Wiggle your body and turn to your left. Think of Bob Marley and what he represents to you. If you were to think of his qualities how would you look at this part of your life?

Turn to your left and shake your arms and legs. Then bring in the qualities of Martha Stewart. If you were to include her qualities into your perspective how may you view this part of your life differently?

Looking back at the views of Gandhi, Bob Marley, and Martha Stewart is there one that resonates more with you? Which qualities do you want to take with you when you begin to look at this part of your life in a new way? What is one small action you could do in the next few days that will be in line with this new way of looking at things?




More Golden Loops













I finally finished my golden loop scarf! It was a project that I started and restarted many times. Not because it was difficult but because I was having so much fun knitting the yarn and I kept changing the pattern. What I found was I kept on trying to make the pattern unique and complicated when really the yarn just needed a simple stockinette stitch to look beautiful as a loop scarf.

Even though I was enjoying the process of knitting the scarf I did find that each time I picked up the yarn I got all excited and I wanted to know what I would knit next. At times I would put the knitting down to look online at ravelry.com and purlsoho.com for future project ideas. Most knitters have a stash of yarn ready and waiting for them to knit, and I admit I have my own small one, but I am I’m trying to be disciplined this time and just knit this project and wait until its done before I start anything else. I began to focus on each stitch and my breathing in order to stop the distractions of what would come next.

It is human nature to want more, and it is the wanting that can cause unhappiness. When I first started my yoga practice I recall wanting to transition from bakasana (crow pose) to adho mukha vrksasana (handstand) as soon as possible. I wanted to within only a few weeks do something extremely advanced. Just as I was knitting this last project I wanted to create my own pattern and spin my own yarn. Really what I needed was santosa, not wanting or desiring more, and to accept the stage of knitting that I was at.

Santosa is the attitude we have towards our current state and activities. It is the acceptance and peace in the current moment. Santosa, is not wanting or desiring more, but being in the present. The more we make it our everyday practice to be content the easier it will be to be at peace in the center of all the chaos of life. No matter if it is through a knitting project or being with your asana (postures) or meditation practice. It is learning to accept where you are at each moment that can allow us to live in a balanced way.

Live Light Practice:

For three days in a row before bed write in your journal. Keep in mind santosa (contentment) and what it means for you. How can you feel santosa, not wanting or desiring more? Note what you are grateful for in your life at this very moment. Be present with what is happening for you at this stage in time.