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Slow Down













Do you ever feel like you are going and going? That you are moving quickly and can’t find time to slow down?

Sometimes I find my self speed walking for no reason. Once I realize it I stop and ask myself what is the rush?

Yesterday I took a beginner yoga class and it was so nice to go back to the basics, to be with each posture. In traditional vinyasa classes we flow from one pose to the next, and sometimes way to fast. In class yesterday we wouldn’t move on from a pose until the teacher had explained in fully and we were each settled in and able to breath for at least ten breaths.

The teachers cues to slow down the breath and be in the posture were refreshing. For beginners in the room they were learning the alignment of the postures, and for me I was able to dig deeper into the pose. It wasn’t about hanging out in the postures, but breathing and being present.

By slowing down we are able to be mindful and present. There is an alertness and power that comes from being fully in the moment.

Live Light Practice:

Take a slow walk. Methodically take each step. Breath.






10 Self-Care Practices

Only when we take care of ourselves can we truly be there for others. By establishing self-care and nurturing practices we are able to set an example of healthy living as well as provide care for those who need us.

The following 10 ideas are a small start to the vast array of self-care practices that you can offer yourself. Begin with a few of these and notice how your mood and outlook shifts.


1. Journal

2. Meditation

3. Restorative Yoga Postures

4. Reading spiritual texts (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

5. Nap

6. A few hours of silence

7. Walk in nature

8. List at least 10 things you are grateful for

9. List at least 10 things that make you smile

10. Smile at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I love and appreciate you’




Snow Day

It is a cold wintery mix of snow, ice, and sleet outside today. Which means a perfect day to practice yoga at home. Stay inside to keep warm, and off the snow covered streets.

Live Light Practice:

Take out your yoga mat or lay on a rug. Begin your home practice with modified sun salutations (take out the chaturanga and updog to start). After 3 modified sun salutes, begin full surya namaskara A (sun salutation a) and try for 6 in a row. Then 3 surya namaskara B.

Move from the flow into restorative yoga. Make sure you have a bolster or pillow for support.

Take 2 minutes in pigeon on both sides with support. Lay onto your back and do a gentle twist with the bolster between your knees. Then move into supta baddha konasana (reclined bound angle) with support under your knees for 2 minutes. Finally head into legs up the wall for 5 minutes.

After your last posture sit up for meditation. Use support under your hips and if you need to lean your back against the wall. Set a timer for 10 minutes. Allow your inhales and exhales to be your focus. When your mind wanders acknowledge it and bring the awareness back to the breath.





Mindful Monday


Start your week off with a mindfulness practice!

Live Light Practice:

Eat your meals and snacks mindfully today. Put away the phone, shut down your computer, and be present with your food.

Savor each bite and chew fully before taking another. Notice the flavors and texture of your food.

What difference to you notice with your meals when you take the time to be present?