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Daily Gratitude












Thanksgiving is upon us and it is that time of year where we are bombarded with gift ideas, sales, family obligations, holiday parties, and lots of tasty but unhealthy food. There is a lot to be grateful for, but it can come at us so quickly that it is hard to keep track of what we are truly grateful for.

Before you sit down for your Thanksgiving dinner start a daily ritual that will take you through the holiday season to the new year. The ritual of writing in a gratitude journal.


Live Light Practice:

Each morning write 5 different things you are grateful for, and be as detailed as you can be. Keep the journal with you and reference it when you need a reminder of what it is that you are grateful for.



PS In the above picture you will see four women that I am grateful for having in my life and on the 3rd annual Yoga + Yarn Retreat. Thank you to Nancy, Carol, Joanne, and Dawn for sharing your time, joy, and knitting with me at Good Commons! I also want to thank those who were unable to join us and let you know you were in our hearts the entire trip.


Yoga + Yarn Retreat at Good Commons 2012

Yoga + Yarn Retreat at Good Commons Nov 8-11, 2012             Sleepaway camp is fun when you’re a kid because—hello—no parents. If only you could go back as an adult to appreciate the trees, the friends, and the abundant crafting opportunities. You can! The Yoga + Yarn Retreat in at […]

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Good Times







We’ve come back from another wonderful retreat at Good Commons, a place where you feel nothing but love, peace, warm, and joy for the entire time you are there. We enjoyed a full weekend of yoga, knitting, amazing meals, tasty wines, adorable cows, fantastic massages, and delightful company. Take a peak at some of the highlights from the weekend in the Yoga + Yarn album by clicking here.

Did you miss out on the fun this year? Well do not fear we will be heading back to Good Commons Nov 8-11, 2012!

Need a Yoga + Yarn fix before then? Join us Dec 4th 1:30-3:30pm for a yoga and knitting workshop. We will have a one hour vinyasa class that focuses on opening up the hips, shoulders, and strengthening the wrists for those over worked knitting hands. The hour class will be followed by knitting, snacks, and time with friends. Email info@lizalaird.com for details.















Curious about Yoga + Yarn? Watch this video to find out about it!

Click on the video above or here to watch!

Yoga + Yarn Retreat at Good Commons

Join Liza November 3-6, 2011for the 2nd annual Yoga + Yarn Retreat at Good Commons!

Unwind during a relaxing weekend in Vermont. Explore yoga, knitting, massage, delicious foods, and more. Play, de-stress, and cultivate the meditative nature of yoga and knitting.

Good Commons is a magical and relaxing place, which makes it a wonderful retreat location to learn to knit or refresh your skills with expert knitter Nancy Laird and yoga instructor Liza Laird.

Liza & Nancy are a dynamic duo that will take you through how to practice yoga + knit!

No previous experience required! All levels welcome.

Email retreats@lizalaird.com today to register!