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Transition into Fall










With summer coming to an end and the shift into autumn it is a wonderful time to explore transitions. The movement from one yoga posture to the next teaches us about our stability and flexibility on and off the yoga mat. It takes strength and ease of the mind as well as the body to be able to adjust with the ebbs and flows of life.

The key to transitions is knowing when it is time to let go. Knowing what to let go of can be the challenge. Slowing down helps to shed light on areas that need to be released.

In yoga and in life we can be distracted by the mind. Use the following New Live Light Thought Pattern to open the mind to the ease of transitions.

New Live Light Thought Pattern:

I allow my body and mind to flow with confidence and ease.


Bath Time

Self-care practices are some of my favorite things. I always am healthier and in a better mood when I had taken care of myself.

One relaxing self-care practice that I have been enjoying lately are baths. I used to put them off because I felt they took up too much time. However, now I love the slow and quiet times.

Want to have a little fun? Here are a few ways to be playful with your baths:

– get some pretty smelling scents
– maybe a cute rubber ducky
– bubbles
– bath salts
– candles
– music
– tea (or wine)
– a good book

Live Light Practice:

Take a bath and have fun with it!





What Being Sick Taught Me

Out of nowhere last week I found myself sick in bed with strep throat. I resisted being sick at first, but then I realized there was no changing how I felt and I might as well relax into it.

When I finally let myself rest, I was reminded of 5 important things that can help me whether I am healthy or sick.

1. Crying is great – In general, our culture does not support crying for no reason at all. As a natural crier over almost everything big or small, I find I cry a lot when I am sick.

Crying is great because it helps move energy and release tension from the body. When I realized I was getting sick, and I resisted it, tension began to build up. Once I succumbed to the illness and let my tears go, the resistance and tension released.


2. Being nice to yourself is important – the yogic ethical practice of ahimsa or non-violence helps heal you. At first I judged and tried to push myself. Then I realized the dishes and work could wait, and I really needed to care for myself. So what if I needed to sleep or lay in bed watching bad tv shows! I stopped being hard on myself and thanks to lots of rest, I began to feel better.


3. Affirmations are powerful – I am a big fan of Louise Hay, and her app – Heal Your Body A-Z. When I first started getting sick, I found negative thoughts starting to populate my mind. Then I remembered how powerful Louise Hay’s affirmations can be for me. So I searched for my symptoms in her app and started repeating the associated positive affirmation.  This may not have taken days off my illness, but it did put me in a better mental state.


4. Gentle yoga poses in bed make it easier to get through the day – I found my joints and muscles aching. With a fever I couldn’t really move from my bed, so I improvised and tried some gentle movements that didn’t require me actually vacating the haven of my bed. Simple movements like bringing one knee to my chest at a time really helped.


5. Being dramatic makes you realize how it really isn’t a big deal and ‘this too shall pass’ – Being sick sucks, but it is not the end of the world. Once I let the tears go, was nice to myself, told myself positive things, and carefully moved a little, I realized it was just a little cold and would go away soon enough. Allowing for these stages of recovery and even some drama with tears puts it all in perspective. The day will come when I don’t have the sniffles anymore. It is easy to forget that ‘everything is already okay’ when we don’t feel great. Allow space for a crappy day and eventually the sun will shine again and you will remember that you can live light, because everything is already okay.


Live Light Practice:

Are you feeling under the weather or perhaps stressed about something? Take a moment to check in with yourself. Notice any resistance you are holding in. If you can, let yourself cry to release tension. If that doesn’t work for you, try reminding yourself that ‘this too shall pass’.




Sexy Valentine

photo credit: Katherine Henry Boudoir










Sexy Valentine and Top 5 Reasons To Have Boudoir Photos Taken

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something special. I wondered what is the ultimate gift of self-love and sexiness for my husband and me? Boudoir Photos.

When I set out to have boudoir photos taken of myself it was under the guise of a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband. Leading up to and after the photo shoot I discovered that it was even more an act of self-love for me.

Like many women, I struggle with body image issues. My thighs are too fat, my belly too big…and so on. So of course I was nervous about the shoot and wanted to lose weight beforehand. However, in order to time it properly to have a wonderful gift for my hubby I needed to bite the bullet and get them done.

I searched the Internet for boudoir photographers and stumbled upon Katherine Henry Boudoir. I was so excited to find her because she made the entire experience playful and easy, and she helped me feel awesome.

In preparation for the photo shoot Katherine had me fill out a questionnaire to find out what I wanted out of the experience and get an idea of what my best assets were. I was so glad she had me fill out the questions. It made me stop and think about why I was really getting the photos taken as well as had me look at my body through my husband’s eyes. That is why boudoir photos are so wonderful – instead of looking at myself with an overly critical eye, I saw how my husband already sees me as perfect.

One key that made me feel so beautiful and special for the photos was getting my hair and makeup done. Tara from TADA makeup & weddings is the most amazing makeup artist I have worked with. She took me from feeling like plain-Jane to a sassy vixen.

While having my photos taken I didn’t feel insecure at all, just the opposite, I felt so confident. It helped that Katherine is amazing and she made it easy to pose and play.

Now when I am feeling not so great about my body I sneak a peak at my boudoir photos and am reminded of my confidence and self-love.

I loved the experience and can’t wait to do it again. Here are the top 5 reasons why I recommend every woman to get boudoir photos taken:

1.    You are Perfect Right Now

You don’t need to change a thing, because you are already perfect. Having boudoir photos taken gives you a chance to experience that for yourself.

2.    Fall in Love with your Body

Look at your body in a new sexy way. Before the shoot you will think about what outfits to wear to highlight your best features and during the shoot you may discover you have some hidden sexy areas.

3.    Kick Ass Confidence

The photo shoot empowers you. The photos bring out the beauty that is always there. I felt so confident during and after my shoot for days!

4.    Get Pampered

Leading up to your boudoir photo shoot get a mani-pedi, your hair color updated, get a facial, and treat yo’self to all your favorite pampering. Your nails, hair, and skin, will look amazing on camera and your confidence will already be boosted from all the self-care pampering.

5.    It is FUN!

Getting your photos taken and playing girly dress up is a blast. Multiple costume changes and implied nudes is a recipe for a good time. Smile, laugh, and have FUN!

Peace and lots of LOVE,