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Winter Knits













With all the snow this year I have been enjoying small knitting projects at home, on the subway, and at cafes. No matter where I am I can bring out the knitting and feel readily relaxed.

I have fallen in love with Purl Soho’s Super Soft Merino Wool and can’t stop knitting with it! I have made a few hats for friends from the Super Soft Merino Hats for Everyone pattern from the Purl Bee. As well as a beautiful cashmere hat for a friend.

One of the cuter knits I have done this winter has been a set of baby booties, baby hat, and baby scarf for my friends 4 month old. (image above) Using the same super soft merino in a bright pink color, it was the perfect gift for little Jane.

No matter how long a project takes or how it comes out the joy comes from taking the time to sit with each stitch and relax. It makes the chilly winters not seem so bad.

Live Light Practice:

Cozy up with your favorite knitting project (if you are not a knitting grab your favorite book). Make time for yourself and your favorite hobbies.




10 Self-Care Practices

Only when we take care of ourselves can we truly be there for others. By establishing self-care and nurturing practices we are able to set an example of healthy living as well as provide care for those who need us.

The following 10 ideas are a small start to the vast array of self-care practices that you can offer yourself. Begin with a few of these and notice how your mood and outlook shifts.


1. Journal

2. Meditation

3. Restorative Yoga Postures

4. Reading spiritual texts (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

5. Nap

6. A few hours of silence

7. Walk in nature

8. List at least 10 things you are grateful for

9. List at least 10 things that make you smile

10. Smile at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I love and appreciate you’




Self-Care is Critical

We are at our best when we take care of ourselves. If we let ourselves get run down and worn out we can hardly take care of ourselves let alone others. It only takes a few extra minutes out of your day to give a little extra attention to yourself.

Self-care can be anything from a nice long bath, getting a massage, to reading a good book. It can be any practice where the time is dedicated to you regenerating yourself.

Live Light Practice:

Give yourself an extra five minutes in the morning to enjoy a few more minutes in the shower or with your coffee. Savor the time to yourself.