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Hello beautiful 

Here’s a little self-love practice to start your day.

Live Light Practice: 

Look in the mirror and say “hello beautiful”. No back talk, no comments.  Just smile and start your day with appreciation. 



Self-Care is an important part of a well balanced life. Try this practice today to kickstart your self-care journey:

Live Light Practice:
Give yourself the gift of self-care today and take 5 minutes to be alone – no phone, no emails, no distractions. Be present.


Sexy Valentine

photo credit: Katherine Henry Boudoir










Sexy Valentine and Top 5 Reasons To Have Boudoir Photos Taken

This Valentine’s Day I wanted to do something special. I wondered what is the ultimate gift of self-love and sexiness for my husband and me? Boudoir Photos.

When I set out to have boudoir photos taken of myself it was under the guise of a Valentine’s Day gift for my husband. Leading up to and after the photo shoot I discovered that it was even more an act of self-love for me.

Like many women, I struggle with body image issues. My thighs are too fat, my belly too big…and so on. So of course I was nervous about the shoot and wanted to lose weight beforehand. However, in order to time it properly to have a wonderful gift for my hubby I needed to bite the bullet and get them done.

I searched the Internet for boudoir photographers and stumbled upon Katherine Henry Boudoir. I was so excited to find her because she made the entire experience playful and easy, and she helped me feel awesome.

In preparation for the photo shoot Katherine had me fill out a questionnaire to find out what I wanted out of the experience and get an idea of what my best assets were. I was so glad she had me fill out the questions. It made me stop and think about why I was really getting the photos taken as well as had me look at my body through my husband’s eyes. That is why boudoir photos are so wonderful – instead of looking at myself with an overly critical eye, I saw how my husband already sees me as perfect.

One key that made me feel so beautiful and special for the photos was getting my hair and makeup done. Tara from TADA makeup & weddings is the most amazing makeup artist I have worked with. She took me from feeling like plain-Jane to a sassy vixen.

While having my photos taken I didn’t feel insecure at all, just the opposite, I felt so confident. It helped that Katherine is amazing and she made it easy to pose and play.

Now when I am feeling not so great about my body I sneak a peak at my boudoir photos and am reminded of my confidence and self-love.

I loved the experience and can’t wait to do it again. Here are the top 5 reasons why I recommend every woman to get boudoir photos taken:

1.    You are Perfect Right Now

You don’t need to change a thing, because you are already perfect. Having boudoir photos taken gives you a chance to experience that for yourself.

2.    Fall in Love with your Body

Look at your body in a new sexy way. Before the shoot you will think about what outfits to wear to highlight your best features and during the shoot you may discover you have some hidden sexy areas.

3.    Kick Ass Confidence

The photo shoot empowers you. The photos bring out the beauty that is always there. I felt so confident during and after my shoot for days!

4.    Get Pampered

Leading up to your boudoir photo shoot get a mani-pedi, your hair color updated, get a facial, and treat yo’self to all your favorite pampering. Your nails, hair, and skin, will look amazing on camera and your confidence will already be boosted from all the self-care pampering.

5.    It is FUN!

Getting your photos taken and playing girly dress up is a blast. Multiple costume changes and implied nudes is a recipe for a good time. Smile, laugh, and have FUN!

Peace and lots of LOVE,



10 Self-Care Practices

Only when we take care of ourselves can we truly be there for others. By establishing self-care and nurturing practices we are able to set an example of healthy living as well as provide care for those who need us.

The following 10 ideas are a small start to the vast array of self-care practices that you can offer yourself. Begin with a few of these and notice how your mood and outlook shifts.


1. Journal

2. Meditation

3. Restorative Yoga Postures

4. Reading spiritual texts (Yoga Sutras of Patanjali)

5. Nap

6. A few hours of silence

7. Walk in nature

8. List at least 10 things you are grateful for

9. List at least 10 things that make you smile

10. Smile at yourself in the mirror and say ‘I love and appreciate you’