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Create a sacred space where you practice mediation, pranayama, and asana. By having a safe and inspiring space ready for you it will bring you to your practices more often.

If space is limited you can be creative. Make a space in the closet. Double your desk as a mediation seating area. Keep different symbols around the house as a reminder for you on your path. Have a box under the couch with Mala beads, Tibetan bells, and a cushion to pull out for each seated mediation, pranayama or asana practice.

Any other ways or ideas you have made a sacred space for yourself? Send me your ideas!




Yoga + Yarn Retreat at Good Commons 2012

Yoga + Yarn Retreat at Good Commons Nov 8-11, 2012             Sleepaway camp is fun when you’re a kid because—hello—no parents. If only you could go back as an adult to appreciate the trees, the friends, and the abundant crafting opportunities. You can! The Yoga + Yarn Retreat in at […]

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Yoga DVDs

Want to try yoga at home with an expert instructor? Check out the amazing Ashley Turner in her range of yoga DVDs that are helpful for everyone.

Yoga for Weight Loss with Ashley Turner

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Living Your Power

Handstand at Jangala in Peru














Our 3rd chakra is the manipura chakra. Manipura translates to ‘lustrous gem’, because it shines bright like the sun, it is our radiant power from the inside. The purpose of the manipura chakra is to overcome inertia and transformation.

Practices that bring balance to this chakra are kapalabhati breathing, meditation, writing in your journal, and overcoming inertia with asanas (yoga postures).

Take time to reflect on the following questions to ignite your inner fire:

– What am I passionate about?

– What type of life do I want to live?

– How can I be authentic?

– How can I follow my integrity?