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12 Questions

Time flies and before you know it the New Year will be upon us!

Prior to the New Year’s Eve count down, break out your journal and ask yourself these 12 questions:

1. What are you most proud of from 2011?

2. What are you grateful for from 2011?

3. What are 3 things you will leave behind in 2011?

4. What has brought you the most joy in the past year?

5. How can you bring more joy into your life?

6. What is something or someone in your life that drains you?

7. What can you shift in your life to allow you to release what drains you?

8. What do you love?

9. What makes you smile?

10. How do you want to be in 2012?

11. What is your intention for the New Year?

12. How will you know you are staying true to who you want to be in 2012?

After answering these questions, let it settle! Give yourself time to register what you have uncovered.

Then, write out the answer to question # 3 on a piece of paper and crumple it up into a ball. Light it on fire and safely dispose of it. Watch the paper as the flames engulf it and turn it to ashes. Allow those things you listed to be truly left in the dust as you transition to a better you in 2012!

May we all live light, because everything is already okay.




Staying focused when overwhelmed

My list of goals and things to do keeps growing and I want so badly to hit the ground running and tackle what I keep procrastinating. I find myself feeling so overwhelmed by what needs to be done that I end up lying down and doing nothing and feeling stressed about it. This happened recently and after a day and a half of laying around I realized I needed to simplify how I was looking at what work needed to be completed.

If you have that same feeling of being overwhelmed by all of the things that you need and want to do in one day pick 1-2 small things on your list that you know you can complete today and let those be your only focus. You don’t need to finish everything on your list at once. We can be so distracted by the desire to multitask and complete many things at once that we end up with limited to no focus. By staying on task with 1 or 2 small things you will find a sense of accomplishment and encouragement to tackle more tomorrow.

In yoga there is the term drishti which translates to gaze. The gaze of your eyes is an important part of learning to stay focused. Drishti is also extremely helpful when practicing balancing asanas (yoga postures). It begins to bring us to a place where we are able to have ekagraha, one pointed focus. When our eyes begin to wander so does our mind. If our list of things to do is so long that our mind keeps wandering it is hard to stay focused and get anything done. So begin to simplify and move away from multitasking to a one-pointed-focus.

If your one pointed focus is to complete a presentation, writing a document, or resting in bed, let that be all of your focus. So rather than laying down and feeling stressed about letting yourself rest, tell yourself that is what the focus is for the moment. Being in stillness can be extremely powerful in rejuvenating and preparing the body and mind. Take time to sit in meditation and savor the moments of non-doing.

Live Light Practice:

What is one thing you want to focus on for the next 3 hours? Let that be where all of your attention goes and each time your mind tries to pull you in a different direction take a breath and get back on track. Your mind will come up with many clever ways to distract you so be compassionate and aware rather than judging yourself for shifting your attention somewhere else for a moment. After exploring this approach a few times you will find the times of rest being more restful and the times of action being more efficient and successfully completed.




Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy: A Mind-Body Healing Practice

Do you find yourself seeking a fulfilling life, and a greater sense of connection to your body, mind, and spirit? Often looking outside of ourselves for happiness can bring us in circles because what we seek is already within. It wasn’t until I discovered Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy (PRYT)  that I began to understand the truth and inner wisdom within me.

PRYT combines eastern and western yoga and psychology, creating a deep experience from the inside out. It is a mind-body healing practice combining yoga with contemporary client-centered psychological theory. At this point you may be asking yourself what exactly does that mean? Basically, it’s a yoga therapy session that combines meditation, breath work, yoga postures, and client directed dialogue to get to the root of your inner wisdom and to open up to the truth that is already within you.

Unlike a vinyasa class, a yoga therapy session is one-on-one so you’re not coming to learn postures or philosophy. A PRYT session deepens your understanding of the self and sheds light on the dark. PRYT taught me how to find my inner truth and follow the guidance from within. I no longer need to look outside of myself, because what I seek is already within me. The PRYT sessions give an opportunity to stop and truly listen to ourselves, and our intuition. It teaches us to be mindful, fully present, and awake to the life we currently live.

Life is about taking chances, doing new things and not just staying comfortable and safe. Through observation of our edges we are able to explore our self-imposed limitations. We learn to witness our habitual thought patterns (samskaras) and then choose to make changes or stay as we are without progression. In yoga as well as yoga therapy we ultimately will get out of it what we put into it. If we stay comfortable and away from our edge we will never develop and grow, and if we push aggressively past our edge we injure ourselves. It is being in a place with the discomfort and not struggling against it, but being with the experience in each and every moment.

Receiving a PRYT session is a time to abandon all expectations and open up to new experiences. There is no yoga experience required and you will find many benefits such as enhanced mental clarity, self-empowerment, self-esteem, and deeper connection with one’s inner self. Each session is unique and the best way to understand it to try it out your self!




Good Times







We’ve come back from another wonderful retreat at Good Commons, a place where you feel nothing but love, peace, warm, and joy for the entire time you are there. We enjoyed a full weekend of yoga, knitting, amazing meals, tasty wines, adorable cows, fantastic massages, and delightful company. Take a peak at some of the highlights from the weekend in the Yoga + Yarn album by clicking here.

Did you miss out on the fun this year? Well do not fear we will be heading back to Good Commons Nov 8-11, 2012!

Need a Yoga + Yarn fix before then? Join us Dec 4th 1:30-3:30pm for a yoga and knitting workshop. We will have a one hour vinyasa class that focuses on opening up the hips, shoulders, and strengthening the wrists for those over worked knitting hands. The hour class will be followed by knitting, snacks, and time with friends. Email info@lizalaird.com for details.